Best Platform for Crypto Trading ? – Cambridge Asset Management

Best Platform for Crypto Trading ? – Cambridge Asset Management

Cambridge Asset Management (CAM) is one of the oldest and largest investment firms in the world. The firm was founded in 1963 by two professors at the University of Cambridge. CAM has offices located in London, New York City, and Sydney. In 2017, CAM had assets under management of $1.7 trillion. CAM’s flagship product is its Absolute Return Fund (ARB). The ARB has been one of the most successful mutual funds in history, achieving an average annual return of 12.5 percent since its inception in 1983. The ARB is unique in that it invests exclusively in securities that are classified as “outside the mainstream” by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services (S&P). This means that CAM is able to benefit from increased volatility and potential gains associated with these types of investments.

CAM also offers a range of other products, including its Global Macro Strategy (GMS), which is designed to track long-term global investment trends, and its Multi Asset Class Fund (MACF), which invests in a range of asset classes including equities, fixed income, commodities, and currencies. MACF has achieved an average annual return of 10

Why use CAF?

When it comes to choosing a platform for crypto trading, there are a number of factors to consider. For the novice trader, finding the best platform can be daunting. However, with careful consideration, using Cambridge Asset Management  (CAF) as your trading platform can be an extremely wise decision. When choosing a platform, one of the most important considerations is security. Unlike traditional markets where stocks and shares are traded on regulated exchanges, cryptocurrencies are largely unregulated and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This means that traders need to take extra precautions to ensure their accounts are secure.

One of the key benefits of using CAF is its extensive security features. Firstly, CAF uses advanced encryption technology to protect your data from hackers. Furthermore, CAF has implemented multiple layers of security including 2-factor authentication and account balance verification. In addition, CAF has a 24/7 support team who are available to help should you encounter any issues. Another important consideration when choosing a trading platform is liquidity. With so many cryptocurrencies in circulation, finding a platform with ample liquidity is essential if you wish to trade efficiently. Again, CAF excels in this area due to its long history of trading activity.